For Excellent Protection To Any Flat Roof, Call Oscar Roofing And Choose The Latest In Fibreglass Roofing Solutions


Oscar Roofing specializes in the latest fibreglass roofing technologies. Our friendly customer service team will be happy to answer any questions you might have regarding fiberglass roofing solutions, and explain its many benefits. Durable, seamless, watertight, and insulating,fibreglass roofing is the ideal solution for many properties, and will be installed by our expert roofers roofing to the highest industry standards.

Oscar Roofing is proud to provide fibreglass roofing to our customers, from new and modern builds through to listed period buildings. Fibreglass roofing has a life expectancy in excess of 50 years. If you’re looking to invest in the best flat roofing system for your home or property, then fibreglass is an excellent choice. Oscar roofing offers fibreglass roofing in a wide range of finishes, and a selection of different colours, allowing us to provide, and help you choose, a roof that meets your requirements to perfection. One significant benefit to fiberglass roofing over bitumen flat felt roofing is that it requires no maintenance. If you have a felt flat roof at the moment, and are thinking of repairing or upgrading to a roof that will offer you decades of reliable safety, then please, call our friendly customer service team today; who will be happy to answer your questions, and tell you more about how to upgrade to fiberglass roofing.

Fibreglass Roofing, The Most Reliable Flat Roofing System Available Today

Fibreglass roofing is an ideal choice if you need to be able to walk on your roof. Oscar Roofing’s fiberglass roofing systemsare able to withstand human traffic as standard, and are the perfect solution for many companies and public authorities that use flat roofs, and require to walk on them on a regular basis. Fibreglass roofing is hassle free to install, thanks to the wealth of experience held by our expert team of roofers.

All Work Guaranteed – Please, Call Us Today To Arrange An Appointment

Oscar Roofing guarantee all roofing services and products and our fibreglass roofing systems are no different. They are insured, and their installation will be handled with absolute professionalism. Whether you require a whole new fibreglass roof, or simply an upgrade, please, call our friendly customer service team today to find out more.